Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty

Hampton bay Ceiling Fans warranty is the most sought after feature as it provides life time warranty to fan motor. Warranty means to fix up the features of a product without any charges till the time company warrants its parts or the complete product. It is manufactured by well known fan design group that are Minka fans and King of Fans.

Most of its customers like Hampton Bay due to its life time warranty. It’s better to fix up the product or swap it free of cost rather than lavishly throwing your bucks on the new one. You will find that the repairing or replacing any part has never been so easy with any product. This feature is of so much relief that you do not have to do any thing by yourself- financially or physically.

Hampton Bay ceiling Fans Warranty

You just have to secure your receipt and you can get a brand new Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan every time it is going through any problem. Note that Hampton provides life time warranty only to its motor. Remaining parts of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans have warranty of only one year. Well motor is the only part which wears out the most in a Ceiling Fan. Please keep your papers with you secure which you got at the time of Hampton Bay Ceiling fan purchase. File it away for future reference. There are many customers who appreciate the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty

Even the cheapest ceiling fan costs money and it included several hidden charges like shipping many more.


Some points by Hampton Bay on its warranty registration card


•   Hampton Bay warrants that the fan motor remain flawless from the time of purchase till lifetime.

•   All other parts of Ceiling fan remain flawless till one year from the date of purchase.

•   Hampton bay warranty does not warranty any glass or Plexiglas blade.

•   You must present a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase.

•   Cost of removing and reinstalling the Ceiling Fan is the responsibility of the customer.

•   Warranty by Hampton Bay does not cover damage to any part by accident or misuse or improper installation or by affixing any accessories.

•   Warranty does not cover any changes in brass finish such as rusting, tarnishing, peeling, pitting or corroding. If you protect your Ceiling Fan from varying weather conditions then brass finish retains its longest useful life.

•   A certain amount of wobble is not considered a defect by this warranty.

•   Warranty is considered as invalid if servicing is performed by any unauthorized workman.

Reviews by its users on Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty

Reviews by Tizzo’s:
Pros: Very easy to install. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
Cons: Trade a little bit of style choice for diversity.
The Bottom Line: Hampton Bay fans are by far the easiest to install, and their warranty lasts forever, covering even normal wear and tear.

A word of Caution:  Many a times replaced parts do not work well on warranty. In that case look for other way to fix up your fans. Search on the Home Depot and you will find there legit Ceiling fan parts. Replace it with the help of well reputed electrician. Of course you have to spend here but less than purchasing a new Fan.

It not only comes at very reasonable prices but also maintains it after purchase. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty adds on to its several features. This attracts most of the customers make Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans part of their Home decor. So purchase Hampton Bay ceiling fan and enjoy its lifetime warranty on its motor and one year warranty on its fan.