Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Self-Help Tips


Hampton Bay ceiling fans, a Home Depot product, are in use in millions of homes across the globe. The functional and stylish Hampton ceiling fans come with a lifetime warranty and are priced reasonably. The fan motor has lifetime warranty whereas rest of the parts has one-year warranty.

Any ways there is nothing better than the delight of solving the problem yourself. There are some minor problems which needs just a technical touch. Read on to get the solutions of most common problems in Hampton Bay Ceiling fan.


What to do if Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Does Not Start?

Follow these steps to get rid of this problem:

Step 1: Check the main circuit breaker. Whether the branch circuit fuses or breaks.

Step 2: Flick the circuit to the on position and re-check if fan works now.

Step 3: If the circuits are fixed up then check its pull chain control. Check whether high, medium and low speed and turn on/off are working fine or not.

New Hampton Ceiling Fan Making Noise

It takes 24-hour time for new fans to come into motion. Most noises will diminish themselves in due course of time.

Your Old Hampton Ceiling Fan Makes Noises


• Make sure that all motor housing screws and blinds are tightly fitted. Check whether the screws that attach the fan blade bracket to the motor hub are threaded rightly or not. Some times, due to fan’s extended working and natural wear-tear, a connection may loosen.

• If every thing is in its place then you may opt to check the wire nut connections. They might be clattering with each other or with the interior wall of the housing. It is always a good idea to check all the connections, brackets and blade attachments at least twice a year.

• Remember, unlike other mechanical devices, you do not have to oil the Hampton Bay ceiling fan motor; its ball bearings have already been lubricated by manufacturer permanently.

• Another possible reason can be a loose ceiling. Make sure if it is fastened correctly. Check its rubber isolator pads are placed between the hanger bracket and the ceiling box.

• If that sounds okay then throw a view on the canopy. It may not be much away from the ceiling but must not be touching it either. Maintain sufficient distance between the canopy and the ceiling.

• Those who are using the ceiling fan light kit add-ons should also ensure that the screws with the glass shades are tight. Light bulbs should also be properly screwed in all the way.

Hampton Ceiling Fans Wobbling Problem

• Check all blade and bracket screws and tighten them if needed.

• Wobbling, however, is caused by unequal blade levels. Problem occurs due to balancing. Check this level by scaling from a center position on a blade to a certain point on the ceiling. Slightly rotate the fan to bring next blade in a position same as the first, and measure again. Repeat it with each blade, and after adjusting all the blades run the fan for 10 minutes.

• Make use of balancing kit. You can easily get it from any ceiling fan store. The package contains few clips and weights. Place the clip on the leading edge of the fan. If wobble worsens, move the clip to another fan blade, and repeat. In this way find out which blade is not balanced properly. Now slide the clip along the leading edge of the blade. This balances that blade. Now place the weight on top side of that balanced blade. See edge to edge and clip alignment and remove the clip. This way you can balance the ceiling fan within 10 to 15 minutes.

How to remove existing Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?

Step 1: Turn off the circuit breakers.


Step 2:
Remove the light kit. Wait for the bulbs to get cool.

Step 3: To remove the decorative compression ring, twist the ring anti-clockwise and it will come out. It may take some time as it might have grabbed the canopy and the fan.

Step 4: Remove the screws on the canopy with the help of the screwdriver. The canopy slides down the fan downrod.

Step 5: Lift the ceiling fan up and slip it out of the mounting bracket.

Step 6: Now mounting bracket is the only thing which is left. Remove the screws and take out the mounting bracket.

Step 7: Tight the wire nut of each wire properly. Fold and keep the wires inside the existing ceiling fan box.

Although famous for their quality and highly rated among other brands in ceiling fans yet it comes under same price range.

Hampton Bay Fan & Lighting Company’s owner’s do not believe in simply putting in their contact number for parts or repairs but also serve simple troubleshooting solutions. One can easily do the job with ease of doing just anything.