Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan with Remote

Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote is far more comfortable than just a ceiling fan. If you need a basic remote control then it is the best choice.


Why you must have a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan with Remote?

hampton bay ceiling fan with remote

•   Ceiling fan provides comfort and it cuts down the cost of Air Conditioner.

•   Some places of your house like dining area are not convenient to have chains pulling down.

•   To make your life easy in such a fast forward pace.

•   Highly recommended by many of the experts.


Video on Northport III Ceiling fan with remote.


The following features will prove that this product is one of the most necessary home equipment. You can not resist it. Read on.


•   Provides hand-held control over a ceiling fan and lighting functions. This makes your life double folded easy.

•   Compatible with most brands of ceiling fans. So it never leaves you regretting about not buying a remote control ceiling fan. You can do it anytime with any brand. Though it belongs to Hampton Bay, they never include it with your purchase of a ceiling fan. You have to give some extra bucks to own it.

•   The light indicator helps you know that you have press the button completely.

•   3 speeds and a light dimmer offer flexible control. It helps in controlling the power of light. So you can easily set the intensity of light according to your own convenience. Once you have set the intensity it remains in the same until you change it or re-set it.

•   It operates up to 30 ft. from a fan, using 16 possible frequencies. It works in the range of 30 ft.

•   Transmitter is handheld. Due to this it provides wireless control.

•   this uses 9 volt battery. You have to provide extra bucks for this 9 volt battery.

•   Hampton Bay Ceiling fan with remote comes only in white till now.

•   They provide you on/off switch as well. Of course a remote is a waste without this switch.

•   It is universal. Use it with most of the brands to control light or fan.

•   It is wall mountable. They provide a plastic hanger with two clips with it so that you can easily hang it.

•   A wireless remote to control your Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

•   Hampton Bay provides you two years warranty on this remote control. Many Hampton bay customers have highly appreciated their customer service. So in case of loss of its any function, it can be easily fix up and that too free of cost for 2 years.

•   I personally liked its light weight. Its just 0.55 lb.

•   Sturdy buttons makes click sound to ensure that the task is complete.

Following reviews by its users will assist you in taking the decision

hampton bay ceiling fan with remote

By JoeE from Southern California: “There’s nothing like a ceiling fan over the bed to help you catch your zzzz’s on a hot summer night. Instead of shivering in an air conditioner’s icy blast, you loll under a gentle breeze, perhaps dreaming about faraway places kissed by tropical trade winds. That is, until your mate, while groping around in the dark for the fan’s pull chain, inadvertently plants a knee right in your abdomen. Hampton Bay’s Ceiling Fan Remote Control prevents such nocturnal escapades. Its receiver installs inside the canopy on most ceiling fans, best done while you’re hanging the fan, but it can also be done any time after installation. The transmitter uses a single 9-volt battery and sits on the night stand or in its handy wall holder. The size, shape and placement of the buttons let you operate the fan and light in total darkness. The light control button is the big one at the top, while the three fan speed buttons are right below. The lower large button turns off the fan with a single press. Once you memorize their positions, you won’t accidentally flood the room with light when you intended to speed up the fan. If you want wireless convenience on more than one fan in the house, you can set each transmitter/receiver pair to its own channel. So, while your better half snoozes with the bedroom fan on low, you can lean back in the living room recliner and crank up the fan to high. The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control doesn’t induce motor hum at lower speeds, a common fault of cheap voltage-regulating remotes. It works with nearly all makes and sizes of ceiling fan EXCEPT Hunter’s “The Original” series.”

By Mike from Austintown, OH: “A very necessary product in a great room with a vaulted ceiling. this was easy to install and woorks very well so far.”

Model number is T2&R1. It is highly recommended to purchase Hampton Bay Ceiling fan with remote from The Home Depot as it is exclusively available there in just $32.47.