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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty

Hampton bay Ceiling Fans warranty is the most sought after feature as it provides life time warranty to fan motor. Warranty means to fix up the features of a product without any charges till the time company warrants its parts or the complete product. It is manufactured by well known fan design group that are Minka fans and King of Fans.

Most of its customers like Hampton Bay due to its life time warranty. It’s better to fix up the product or swap it free of cost rather than lavishly throwing your bucks on the new one. You will find that the repairing or replacing any part has never been so easy with any product. This feature is of so much relief that you do not have to do any thing by yourself- financially or physically.

Hampton Bay ceiling Fans Warranty

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

There are some Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan parts which are exclusively sold at The Home Depot. These parts include the blades and remote control. These Hampton Bay ceiling fan accessories are being sold separately. Hampton Bay hardly provides you anything with its fans. Any ways they are universal most of the time. Hence it’s good that they sell it separately as you can use them with Ceiling fan of any other brand. Read on to know the best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts.


1.   Hampton Bay Mix ‘N Match White Bamboo 5 Blade Set

hampton bay ceiling fan parts

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan with Remote

Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote is far more comfortable than just a ceiling fan. If you need a basic remote control then it is the best choice.


Why you must have a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan with Remote?

hampton bay ceiling fan with remote

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Reviews

People like me who are extremely picky most of the time go for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans reviews suggest they are best among the best. They offer so many varieties to choose from. Not only is this but there so many other properties which make it a perfect choice. These winning features of Hampton Bay ceiling fan answers you why you must have Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan.


•   Quick Connect Installation System- This makes it easy to install. You can do it yourself and there is no need of wasting bucks on an electrician for such a simple activity.

•   Gossamer Wind- Hampton Bay Ceiling fan has excellent wind efficiency. This is due its specific blade design that is Gossamer wind blades. They are sculpted blades made up of molded plastic.

•   Lifetime Warranty- Motor is the part of a Ceiling Fan which is more prone to damage and it gets wear easily. Do not get perplexed if you purchase a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan as it provides life time warranty on motors.

•  It provides various accessories. Hampton Bay also manufactures and supplies remote ceiling fans so that you can adjust its speed according to your need. They also provide timer and a built-in thermostat to its customers.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Reviews by its users

1.  Hampton Bay 24750 Huntington III “Ceiling Fan Reviews

By jackt357′s on epinions: The user rated it 5 on 5 with the following pros, cons ad the bottom line.

Pros: Very quiet motor, and no need to ever oil bearings. plenty of fresh air.
Cons: I am sure someone will find some but I cannot find any cons
The Bottom Line: An Affordable quality product that supplies plenty of fresh air.

2.  Hampton Bay Altura 56 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Reviews

By Fans from Portland Maine: The user rated it 5 on 5.

“I have 4 of these fans in use in my condo. As always they are high quality, low noise, and easy to install. I do wish the rocker bowl was a little deeper. It takes a lot of work to get a remote unit to fit in the housing with the wires. Overall – love it”

3. Hampton Bay 52 In. Sibley Fan – Matte White Reviews

By Schvitzy from Los Angeles: “I replaced my pricey dining room fixture with this fan. It’s FANtastic. I live on the 2nd floor of a 1928 Spanish Colonial: a gorgeous bldg. w/ a flat roof. We bake in the heat. The fan has altered the climate. It looks great, is silent — and cools off an area of about 850 square feet. What a diff! I had a handyman (& his helper) install it — & it was quick & easy. It is a perfect combo of form & function. Buy it!”

4. Hampton Bay Midili 44 In. Indoor Ceiling Fan Reviews

By EcoMike from IL: “Just installed this fan in my master (15′ x 10′) bedroom. It works great. The fan is very quiet and balanced perfectly right out of the box. The only frustrating part was installing the remote reciever, which was a real pain. But once you get it in there, you are set.”

The above reviews and my own priorities helped me in listing out three most admiring and functional Hampton Bay Ceiling fans ever manufactured by Hampton Bay.

1. Hampton Bay Northport III: The Winner

Five blades, triple capacitor and 4 linen glass lights makes it the winner.

hampton bay ceiling fans reviews
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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Installation Instructions

Though there is hardly any need of providing Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Installation instructions as it is a quick connect Ceiling Fan. Yet if you are not good at handy work and this is your first ceiling fan ever then it is worth giving some time to this article. Believe it or not but there many who reviewed Hampton Bay Ceiling fans as one of the easiest product to install. They are specifically designed as do-it-yourself thus provides such an easy installation. Many have appreciated this property of Hampton that they are far easier to install in comparison to other Ceiling Fans. Hampton provides a preassembled motor.


Some of the specific features that make Hampton Bay Ceiling fan easy to install are:


•   Snap-On Blades
 There is no troublesome and time taking screw in Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. Just slide and lock the blade.

•   Extra Downrods
Hampton provides two downrods of different length in its package whenever you purchase a Hampton fan. If the height of your ceiling is very high then it is recommended to purchase downrod of 24”.

•   Color-Coded Wiring
Connect the colored wires according to the following instruction:

1.   White wire to neutral.

2.   Black wire to motor’s hot side.

3.   Blue wire to light kit, in case you want to attach light kit to your Ceiling Fan.

4.   Connect the blue and black together to the black wire in the box.

5.   Note: Wiring differs with every Hampton Fan. So, preferably make use of manual provided by Hampton for installation.

If you still have some problem in installing then please consult an electrician.

•   Balance 

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan comes with a balancing kit which makes its balancing so easy. You can easily balance the blades with its help. You can also find it any other ceiling fan store but if Hampton Bay is providing you then there is no need of wasting your money on it.


Video on installing light kit


Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions

Hampon bay Ceiling fans installation instruction

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kits

With the Hampton Bay Ceiling fan Light Kits you do not have to be worried about the installation of Ceiling fan by removing any light fixture. Ceiling Fan light kits have been installed with the fan either to replace any light fixture of your room or to add extra overhead lighting to the room. They are also known as Downlights. Basically people use these light kits with their ceiling fans only when they have removed any lamp which was fixed there in place of ceiling fan.

Variety in Light Kits provided by Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans astonished me. Before investing bucks on this, have a look on its attributes.

Hampton Bay Largo Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Hampton Bay Ceiling fan Light kits

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